Villa Tips

The Boathouse is located on the island of Anguilla BWI, a one hour flight directly east of Puerto Rico and 5 miles north of St. Maarten/St. Martin. The villa is just 5 minutes from Wallblake Airport and 7 minutes from Anguilla's capital, The Valley.

Water: The villa has a large cistern of fresh rainwater collected from the roof. Water is a precious commodity so please use it with care. You may prefer to drink bottled water. All markets carry it and it is less expensive to purchase by the case. The cistern water is safe and ok to wash, shower and brush your teeth from the tap.

Telephone: The number here is (1-264)-497-5320. Local calls are free. You may make long distance calls with credit cards only.

TV/DVD: Channel selection is on the set and subject to change without notice. You can rent DVD's in The Valley. The DVD stores are near Albert Lakes and opposite the Post Office.


Two beach chairs in the well house are for your use.
Francisca will come 3 times a week (unless you prefer more), except Sunday, to clean. If you need anything, please call her at 729 1238. She is one of our many assets.

Each time you leave the house for 10 minutes or more, be sure to close the windows on the east side (up and down) and the sliding doors on the sea side. You can count on brief (or heavy) rain showers when you least expect it--and it will always rain 10 minutes after you leave the house, count on it.

Our island is a safe and friendly place with little or no crime. You may lock your doors for your own peace of mind. And, there is a safe in the upstairs closet for your own personal use. Your passport is not needed on island. You will only need it if you day trip to St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Currency exchange is $2.68 EC (Eastern Caribbean) to $1 US.

The Boathouse is located on the island of Anguilla, a one hour flight
directly east of Puerto Rico and 5 miles north (20 min Ferry)of St. Maarten with direct flights from Europe by KLM and Air France).